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Name:catherine the strange
Birthdate:Feb 24
Location:United States of America
Put generally, I'm a bunch of random things that you wouldn't expect to find all in one package: corporate lawyer, vegan, tomboy, a little bit punky but I won't wear anything other than a suit to work, (living in California has disabused me of the must-wear-suit mentality - I would look way too square) a ten-mile-a-day runner, (working at that...) whiskey drinker, artist and illustrator in my spare time, fan fiction and football devotee.

Here's my daily life -- updated roughly once a month. year ... ? No, OK, I'm better than that. Kinda.

Interests (26):

airports, apothèke, art supply stores, berserkeley, corporate law, fan fiction, feeling anonymous in cities, flâneur, football, hindemith sonatas, laphroaig, leveraged finance, manhattan, marathons, northern lights, obscure languages, photographing random things, quasi in rem jurisdiction, san francisco, structured finance, the arctic, the history of cablecars, the violet hour, tintin comics in swedish, veganism, watercolours
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